1. R

    Android Question Detect left or right swipe over ACToolBarLight

    Have a ACToolbar with a button, a label and a number of menu items with icons. I currently have 3 menu groups (will be a few more) and currently I change these by clicking the button or the label. This works well, but this is perhaps not according to the usual Android behaviour, so would like to...
  2. I

    Italian [RISOLTO] - B4A - Spinner in ACToolbar

    Ciao, come da oggetto, se si, come? Sto diventando matto.. :D --> Immagine della disperazione Oppure altre soluzioni che ora la stanchezza non mi da. Grazie mille a tutti!
  3. peacemaker

    Android Question Splash screen on AppCompat activity with ACToolBar

    Hi, All Anyone tried to make a splash screen, if ACToolBar is used on AppCompat activity ? Toolbar is topmost :-( Test project for debug is attached. Any solution ?
  4. R

    Android Question ACToolbar 3 vertical dots click event

    Using B4A. Trying to load a settings layout on clicking the 3 vertical dots on the right side of the ACToolbar. These dots (not sure what they are called now) if you tick Use as main action bar in the Designer. I can't find any event that tells me that the user has clicked these 3 dots. Any idea...
  5. R

    Android Question Adding icon to ACToolbar

    Installed the AppCompat library now and trying to add an icon to an ACToolbar: Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Dim ACToolBarDark1 As ACToolBarDark ACToolBarDark1.Initialize("ACToolBar") ACToolBarDark1.LogoBitmap = LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "Test.ico") This compiles fine with no...