1. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation AI Photo Editor App

    AI Photo Editor App Project purchase: $15.9 Contact & Paypal: [email protected] Introducing this simple yet comprehensive photo editing project, incorporating a variety of advanced features and powered by artificial intelligence techniques. Features: Smart Removal of Objects and...
  2. carlos7000

    Spanish ChatGPT comparando dos funciones similares

    Quiero mostrarles el primer abrebocas de esta fantástica herramienta que nos servirá de enorme ayuda en el desarrollo de nuestras aplicaciones en B4A Aquí un video del análisis que hizo ChatGPT de 2 funciones similares:
  3. magicmars

    Share My Creation Your virtual friend

    This is a chat bot app in french , english and spanish. I juste release the english and spanish version yesterday (very proud, but still in beta ! :) The French version exists from the publishing. I started it in 2017 with thunkable / MIT App inventor , and then i discover B4A and totally...
  4. F

    Android Question Question Chat get Text

    Hello, I use this chat from Erel: Erel-Chat where do I find in the code that when I enter a text in the app (for example "hello") that I can then edit it in the code for example (if Textfiel == "hello" Then Log ("test") End if) I want to program an AI