Share My Creation Your virtual friend

This is a chat bot app in french , english and spanish.
I juste release the english and spanish version yesterday (very proud, but still in beta ! :)
The French version exists from the publishing.

I started it in 2017 with thunkable / MIT App inventor , and then i discover B4A and totally rewrite it from scratch with it, in 2020. šŸ’˜
i'm not Professional dev. I do it as hobby.

This is a client /server app.
The server side is home-made REST api.
I used tss and speech recognition for the vocal part.
I used wonderful layout by @Douglas Farias for the chat window.
I also modelized in 3D every caracter ( to unlock appearance)

It's on google play and have more than 50, 000 DL.
This is the creation that i'm actually the most proud in my life (with my family of course :)).
Next step is to make a part for the user to permit to customize brain.

It still have some bugs in the english / spannish version, and unaccuracies, as it's very fresh !

Your virtual Friend on google Play.