airplane mode

  1. A

    Android Question FusedLocationProvider doesn't work when Air Plane mode is on

    Hi all. Is it possible to use FusedLocationProvider when Air Plane mode is on? I tried this example on my phone with Android 10 and it doesn't work with Air Plane mode On. Thanks.
  2. alirezahassan

    B4A Library [B4A] - AH_CheckInternet - Check network status (Library)

    Hi all, With this library you will have the following possibility. Currently version v1.5 (2021/05/23) 1️. Check the status of the airplane mode 2. Check internet connection status 3. Check the roaming status of the device 4. Check VPN connection status 5. Check Data State status 6. Get the...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question Turning airplane mode on and off

    Hi Everyone, I would like to turn airplane/flight mode on and off at will in my app. Can you tell me which coding or library allows me to do it? Thanks.