alarm clock

  1. H

    Android Question Android ends service!

    I'm just writing to try to understand when a service running in the foreground is disabled by the Android system. I developed an alarm app and after choosing the text and time data for the alarms, I close the app and only its service is running in the foreground, sometimes it works for a day...
  2. intellvold

    B4A Library Material Date Picker

    Material Date - Time Picker Dialog Updated :) This Library wrape for this github work on B4a v11 SetMinDate SetMaxDate CancelColor CancelText OkColor OkText Title DarkMode On Cancel OnDateset 2 layout Mode Added Dismiss_Dialog Events : _OnCancelDate() _OnDateSet() _OnCancelTime ()...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Adding alarms to the stock Android clock app programmatically.

    Greetings, I would like to know if it's possible to add alarms to the stock Android clock app programmatically. If this can be done, can you point me to a link that shows what coding is needed? I would like to set alarm parameters such as days when the alarm will play, the sound file which the...
  4. An Schi

    Android Question Creating an alarm clock

    Hey people ;) I haven't done any coding for over a year, but now i want to make something. So please forgive me my noobiness and the fact that i didn't keep up with all the changes in B4A and in Android :oops: For a friend i want to make a wake-up alarm clock, cause she isn't comfortable with...