Android Question Creating an alarm clock

An Schi

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Hey people ;)

I haven't done any coding for over a year, but now i want to make something. So please forgive me my noobiness and the fact that i didn't keep up with all the changes in B4A and in Android :oops:

For a friend i want to make a wake-up alarm clock, cause she isn't comfortable with the stock one.
Her phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 8. I have B4A 6.? (but i'm thinking about buying the newest).
I want to start working on it on the weekend, so i have no code or problems yet. But i wanted to make sure to go down the correct way before i sart ;)

My plan is to work with a foreground service and a notification. Is this the correct approach?
When i was last active here, there were problems with services started too late. Is this solved by using foreground service (the alarm has to be on time of course)?
Will i have to deal with runtime permissions in this project?
Do you have any other hints or links i should read?

Thank you for your help :)