1. M

    Android Question Native Input Dialogs Android (No B4XDialogs)

    Hi everyone, how can implement the native input dialogs of Android in my app? i found this code here, but i don't know how to convert it: private void showForgotDialog(Context c) { final EditText taskEditText = new EditText(c); AlertDialog dialog = new AlertDialog.Builder(c)...
  2. Biswajit

    B4i Library iPopupDialog - A fully customizable popup dialog

    This is a fully customizable popup dialog which supports Image, Video, Custom View, Simple text, Long Scrollable text and many more. iPopupDialog Author: @Biswajit Version: 1.0 Dependency: iUI8 Features: Image Alert Video Alert (remote video) with video pause play functionality Simple text...
  3. fbritop

    Android Question Stacked up notifications

    Is there any class module than can do stack notifications within the activity, and the slide up when each single timer from the instance is acomplish? Something similar to bootstrap notifications in HTML5 as the image attached? Every search for notification in the forum returns push...
  4. mshafiee110

    B4A Library ParsQue(Que)

    Hi ,it wraps this Github project. Library to create fully customizable Bootstrap styled alerts...