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B4A Library ParsQue(Que)

Discussion in 'Additional libraries, classes and official updates' started by mshafiee110, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. mshafiee110

    mshafiee110 Active Member Licensed User

    Hi ,it wraps this Github project.
    Library to create fully customizable Bootstrap styled alerts...

    Author: ME_Esmaiel Shafiee
    Version: 1.0
    • ParsQue
      • Fields:
        • CUSTOM As Int
        • DANGER As Int
        • DARK As Int
        • INFO As Int
        • LIGHT As Int
        • LONG As Int
        • PRIMARY As Int
        • SECONDARY As Int
        • SHORT As Int
        • SUCCESS As Int
        • WARNING As Int
      • Functions:
        • IsInitialized As Boolean
        • show (Message As String, xType As Int)
        • showCustom (Message As String, Gravity As Int, bgcolor As Int, txtcolor As Int, bordercolor As Int, BorderWidth As Int, Padding As Int, TextSize As Int, CornerRadius As Int, font As String, Duration As Int)


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    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  2. arastoo

    arastoo Active Member Licensed User

    Really nice wrapper. Good Job ;)
    mshafiee110 likes this.
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