1. J

    Android Question Android apps on Windows 11

    The Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 lets you port your Android app to Windows 11 users. The app needs to be compatible with Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) for handling window resizing and mapping input controls to be accepted in this appstore. Do we have the capability in B4A to attain this...
  2. amorosik

    Android Question How to read Amazon orders?

    I would like to create an app that needs to read some information from a purchase order placed on Amazon I don't know where to start Do you have any advice to be able to obtain, on your smartphone, an archive of orders executed on Amazon?
  3. MitchBu

    Android Question Amazon app store apk upload: Invalid Input

    I am trying to submit my apk to Amazon, but all I am getting is a red "Invalid Input". I searched the forum for a solution and found this: So I applied the exclude attribute suggested. But that...
  4. P

    Android Question Amazon Appstore: Invalid apk

    Hello. I've been trying to upload my app on the amazon appstore but it returns "Invalid APK" I read on their forums that maybe your apk is missing Version Code and Version Name attribute. Try adding #VersionName and #VersionCode in the build.gradle file. OK, but how do i add them when i'm not...
  5. M

    FreeRTOS - the small OS for ESP32 and ESP8266

    Having been away from micro-controllers for much of the year (my have things changed!), I will admit that I was puzzled by references to FreeRTOS and ESP32. I never payed much attention to it as when you compile a sketch in Arduino or a B4R program - *it just works*. I originally got started...
  6. Scotter

    Android Question Amazon store: no devices supported by this APK

    FIXED! See next post after this one Hi - I've added some landscape variants to my primary layout and now Amazon app store says: "Your APK currently supports no devices. In order to submit your app, this APK must support at least one device." REGION #Region Project Attributes...