1. User242424

    B4A Library AXrLottie

    Hello World! Another B4A Library 😍 AXrLottie AXrLottie (Android) Renders animations and vectors exported in the bodymovin JSON format. (Using rlottie) What is Lottie? What is rlottie? What is AXrLottie? AXrLottie includes rlottie into the Android. Easy A! Lottie Examples Telegram is...
  2. User242424

    B4A Library AXWaveAnimation

    Hello World! Another B4A Library 😍 AXWaveAnimation AXWaveAnimation is a wave animation or a bubble animation for recording or playing audio using the amplitude of the voice. AXWaveDrawable You can customize the wave drawables or add or remove the wave drawables. Example ...
  3. User242424

    B4A Library AXPowerView

    Hello World! Another B4A Library with awesome animations and circular loading 😍 AXPowerView Inspired by HotspotShieldVPN. See more in Github Lib+Sample attached :)
  4. User242424

    B4i Library iAXMaterialProgress

    Hello World! Another B4i Library: A material style progress wheel for iOS 🤩 See library in Github This is how it looks in indeterminate mode (the spinSpeed here is 0.64 which is the default, look below how to change it): And in determinate mode (here the spinSpeed is set to 0.333)...
  5. User242424

    B4A Library AXEmojiView

    Hello World! AXEmojiView is an advanced Android Library which adds emoji,sticker,... support to your Android application 🤩 Demo • GitHub AXEmojiView 1.2.0 Screenshots : Usage Install Emoji Provider First step, you should install EmojiView with your EmojiProvider! Dim EmojiManager...
  6. User242424

    B4A Library Amir_ZoomHelper

    Hello World! Another B4A Library that makes any view to be zoomable. 🤩 Amir_ZoomHelper Usage : Private ZoomHelper As Amir_ZoomHelper ZoomHelper.Initialize("ZoomHelper",Activity) ZoomHelper.SetViewZoomable(View,True) And you should add this java code to your activity : #if java import...
  7. User242424

    B4A Library Amir_TileService

    Another B4A Library 🤩 Amir_TileService (#B4A) Quick Settings Tiles Tiles gives the user quick access to a specific task or functionality of the app without opening the app itself, improving the productivity and overall user-experience of the app. Building a TileService : 1. Create an...