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Hello World!
Another B4i Library: A material style progress wheel for iOS šŸ¤©

See library in Github

This is how it looks in indeterminate mode (the spinSpeed here is 0.64 which is the default, look below how to change it):

spinning wheel

And in determinate mode (here the spinSpeed is set to 0.333):

spinning wheel
  • barColor: sets the small bar's color (the spinning bar in the indeterminate wheel, or the progress bar)
  • barWidth: the width of the spinning bar
  • rimColor: the wheel's border color
  • rimWidth: the wheel's width (not the bar)
  • spinSpeed: the base speed for the bar in indeterminate mode, and the animation speed when setting a value on progress. The speed is in full turns per - - second, this means that if you set speed as 1.0, means that the bar will take one second to do a full turn.
  • circleRadius: the radius of the progress wheel, it will be ignored if you set fillRadius to true
  • linearProgress: set to true if you want a linear animation on the determinate progress (instead of the interpolated default one).

Dim Progress As iAXMaterialProgress

'Change Bar Color

Lib+Sample attached :)


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