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    Android Question Amir_RecyclerView - Is there an example of ViewPager with a TabBar linked to it?

    I checked the examples that came with it. There were some of ViewPager with page indicator that work great but nothing with TabBar.
  2. User242424

    Android Example Amir_RecyclerView-Samples

    Hello World! Extra Samples of ARV will be posted here from now on šŸ„³ Samples : Google Play Youtube ScalingParallax ChatPage ZoomHelper All samples are included in ARV-FullPackage ExtraSamples If you have written some samples with ARV and would like to share them, this will be a great place...
  3. alimanam3386

    B4A Library [Lib, Chargeable] Amir_RecyclerView

    New b4a library! :) RecyclerView, an important part of the sdk and android for making a custom list with better Layout , animation , and fixed for large data set. Amir_RecyclerView released new version that we call it AX_RecyclerView. version 1.0.8 is last update for Amir_RecyclerView and we...