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  1. M

    Spanish [SOLUCIONADO] Android 10 gradientdrawable

    Hola Estoy usando el siguiente código para redondear las esquinas de un Label y funciona bien excepto en Android 10, en A10 no las redondea, quedan como por defecto Dim l_din_redondeocolor(2) As Int l_din_redondeocolor(0)=Colors.Transparent l_din_redondeocolor(1)=Colors.Transparent Dim...
  2. M

    Android Question [SOLVED] gradientdrawable android 10 b4a

    Hello. Sorry for my english. I'm using the next code for "roundering the corner" of a Label and it works fine but in Android 10 does not work, the corner is flat Dim l_din_redondeocolor(2) As Int l_din_redondeocolor(0)=Colors.Transparent l_din_redondeocolor(1)=Colors.Transparent Dim...
  3. diegoferreira

    Android Question Android 10 Failed resolution of apache http ProtocolVersion

    This is the error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lorg/apache/http/ProtocolVersion; at dd.b( (120400-0):2) at dc.a( (120400-0):1) at...
  4. P

    Android Question File.DirRootExternal vs RP.GetSafeDirDefaultExternal

    Hi, I have found repeated recommendation, specifically with the newer android requirements, to no longer use File.DirRootExternal. However these recommendations all lead to long storage folder names which include "/b4a.example/files", and really believe me: I have been searching and reading...
  5. amorosik

    Italian [B4A] Come 'vedere' sistema operativo che si sta riavviando?

    App su Android 10, un service, in attesa di comandi via mqtt provenienti da pc X Se l'operatore avvia la sequenza per riavviare o spegnere il sistema operativo, avrei bisogno di informare (sparargli un messaggio) il pc X che l'app sta per essere chiusa, e magari anche il motivo per cui questo...
  6. A

    Android Question Application crashed message doesn't appear in Android 10

    Hi all. I've notice a strange situation. The same app (attached) when crashed on Android 8 shows the message "Unfortunately the app has stopped" and then shows a list of icons to select for sending crash report by email. The same app on Android 10 doesn't show crash message but just shows a...
  7. B

    Android Question OkHTTPUtlis2 Connection problem on Android 10

    Hello, I post data to my server with OkHttpUtils2 and it works. But my server not have SSL and that is why my program does not work in Android 10. I do not know what to do to connect to the server in Android 10 without SSL.
  8. A

    Android Question Is it Ok to use Phone.GetSettings("android_id")

    Hi all. Is it safe to use a code like this to get unique phone id? It works on my Android 10 phone today. But what about tomorrow? Or Advertising ID is a only safe way? Sub GenerateID() As String Try Dim P As Phone Dim IDAndroid As String=P.GetSettings("android_id")...
  9. A

    Android Question Android 10 runtime permissions and backward compatibility.

    May I ask you a question myself - if for Android 10 we need to make so many changes for write permissions as we see in many threads on this forum - what about backward compatibility? I still have many customers who are using Android 8 or 9 and I don't want them to upgrade their phones to Android...
  10. N

    Android Question Android 10 x Storage problem

    HI. my program its ok on Android 9 , but fail on Android 10 a message is => /storage/emulated/0/eTOP.sql: open failed: EACCES (Permission denied) Tanks for solution; nelson. Dim Explanation As String = "Conceda permissão para ler e gravar na memória externa"...
  11. yo3ggx

    Android Question targetSdkVersion=29

    Why targetSdkVersion=29 is a mistake and how can I use features available only in Android 10 if targetSdkVersion<29? Dan
  12. yo3ggx

    Bug? Bluetooth Discover fail if targetSDKversion is set to 29 (Android 10)

    Hi, I'm using the updated example from here: Discovery works with targetsdkversion="28" (Android9), but fail with targetsdkversion="29" (Android10). As I want to use in my app the latest features from...
  13. M

    Android Question How to uniquely identify a device?

    Hello. This thread is about the devices IMEI. But before I get to the actual questions, I'd like to give you a rough explanation of our business model, so you know why the IMEI is so important to us. We offer our customers various software solutions, including device tracking and order...
  14. B

    Android Question Android 10 get SIM serial number and IMEI doesn't work

    I have a problem on android 10 - my app won't work because pid.GetSimSerialNumber any idea how to read Sim serial number ? Dim pid As PhoneId rp.CheckAndRequest(rp.PERMISSION_READ_PHONE_STATE) Wait For Activity_PermissionResult (Permission As String, Result As Boolean) If Result =...
  15. peacemaker

    Android Question android AVD emulator camera

    Hi, All Possible to have something from the emulator AVD like camera and any photo from it ?