android 12

  1. F

    Bug? SetVolume and Android 12

    Hello, Since Android 12 the SetVolume method no longer works when my application is in the background. No problem with Android 11, Android 10 and Android 9. Am I the only one having this problem? How to solve it? Thank you for your help.
  2. B

    Android Question SQLite not updating after exit program

    Hello, I have an Android app that I created a year ago. It does updates to a SQLite database installed with the app. It worked fine on Android 10 but with Android 12 when we make changes and then exit the app the changes are not saved. When we restart the app it starts with the data just like...
  3. I

    Android Question How to extract wallpaper colors using Monet theme engine on Android 12?

    As the title says, Android 12's Material You offers the ability to extract colors from a user's wallpaper and use it in your app. All major Google apps (and a few third party apps) have been updated to support this. Can we do this in B4A? Here is the relevant Java/Kotlin code...
  4. S

    Android Question App works ok on Android 9, crashes on Android 11 and 12 while scrolling

    Hello, an app where I'm working on runs ok on Android 9, but crashes on Android 11 and 12 emulators (10 I could not test). This happens while scrolling down to the last loaded image, and when reached it crashes (but not on Android 9). An no error is given in the filtered logs. I'm not...
  5. Derek Johnson

    Android Question Crash of App on Android 12 with SDK31

    Google's testing of the latest version of my app has revealed this crash that they found on this single device: google Pixel 6 using Android 12 (SDK 31 ) 8,192 MBarm64-v8aen_GB Can anyone offer any insight into this? I've also seen it myself occasionally on start up on my Pixel 3A XL with...
  6. Sandman

    Thoughts on Android 12?

    I upgraded to Android 12 about a week ago, and I consider it the worst Android upgrade I've ever had. For the first time ever I feel the user interface took a step backwards. It feels clumsy and it's harder to navigate. (Example: The buttons displayed when swiping down from top, and then...