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  1. S

    Android Question The app is not recognized as a dialer in Android 13 and above

    Hello I added the following code to the manifest so that the app can be selected as the default dialer of the phone and perform dialing operations. By the way, I also entered the necessary permissions But as long as I set the target to 32, everything is fine, but if I set the target to 33, the...
  2. X

    Android Question Some Question on Google WebView...

    background:Android14 mobile phone with gms, using google webview seeing it in [Developer Options] When Using WebView with customized WebChromeClient and override function `public void onReceivedTitle(WebView view, String title)` load a HTML url link,and receive title the url without protocrol...
  3. Hosein_Mghr

    Android Question Start Service In Android 13

    In Android 13, I did everything to be able to restart the service after destroying it. Android 13 does not allow restarting. I tried StartService and StartServiceAt, but it didn't work. Now I want to know if it can be done with the new b4a receivers from the intent action. I should make a...
  4. A

    Android Question Where to create storage for backups?

    I am writing an app that will be published on the play store app. It has a Database that I would like to save when uninstalling the application or when transferring to another device using an SD card. DirRootExternal is not available in Android 13, although this is the most convenient place to...
  5. A

    Android Question How will ExternalStorage work on Android 13?

    Android 13 has prevented third-party file managers from accessing folders in the '/Android' directory. How will ExternalStorage work now?