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    Java Question How to wrap Libs with java 8?

    Hi Is any way to wrap an android studio lib that syntaxed with java 8 to b4a lib? If it's impossible, say when java 8 syntax will be added to b4a? Thanx
  2. T

    Wish Android Studio features

    This might be too much to ask but can you add features like Android studio has? Previewing layouts on different locale/localization Github integration - version control system built-in localization tools resource shrinking - automatically remove unused resources from the packaged app and...
  3. M

    Convert a Java (Android Studio) App into an Android Service

    I need an Android Studio Service written (actually just converted) to do a very simple task. I have an Android Demo App (written in Java in Android Studio by the supplier) to demonstrate that their bitmap converter library we bought actually works. The library is there and it does work in App...
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    Android Question Convert android studio project to b4a

    Is it possible to convert an android studio project to b4a?
  5. Multiverse app

    Wish Android Studio like Activity Chooser

    Suggestion to add some default templates like Android Studio, in which developers can choose the desired Activities. Users can customize the designs from there on from the manifest. After choosing a template, appropriate libraries will automatically be added and an entry in the Manifest will...