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  1. T

    Android Question Turning on Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi 3 running Android Things

    Hi All, I have installed Android Things in a Raspberry Pi 3 board. I am trying to use the BLE2 v1.37 library of B4A v8.80 on this device. I am getting the message "Not powered on." when I run the code below. If Manager.State <> Manager.STATE_POWERED_ON Then Log("Not powered on.") Else If...
  2. fbritop

    Android Question Issues at Android Things Console

    Has someone been reporting problems when downloading a built from Android Things Console. It fails when it reaches 63% of the download preparation since yesterday. Have switch browsers, computers, incognitos... Same problem. Only seen one issue like this in the google issue tracker...
  3. R

    Android Question B4A Bridge question - Installation - Android Things

    I downloaded and printed the B4X getting started booklet. I installed the Java SDK, Android SDK and B4A. I went through the SDK manager options and updated the missing sdk's etc.., configured the paths and then downloaded the B4A_Bridge.apk. I have a raspberry PI running a successfully installed...