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    Android Question B4A deletes the banner image

    I am following these steps to create and upload an Android TV App - But when I try to build the app or even debug it for some reason B4A deletes de banner picture and I get this error does anybody know why B4A deletes this...
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    Android Question DPAD Control and Hardware Declaration documentation

    Hi guys I uploaded my app hoping to pass all Android TV tests but I'm getting my app rejected because of this: App Bundle:1 Missing DPad functionality Your app requires user interaction for menus or app navigation. Please make sure that menus and app navigation needed for the app’s core...
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    Android Question Remote Control for Android TV without adb ?

    Is there a way to control android TV (eg increase or decrease volume) from b4x over local wifi network without using adb? Eg: Mi Remote controller - for TV is able to replicate its physical Dpad remote...