1. HassanProgrammer

    Android Question Secure connection to servers and hosts

    Hello, How did Telegram, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. establish their security? A hacker can decompile my program and gain access to my links or IP server and abuse it. For example, send thousands of requests to my server and host in a row. Or enter my api link in the browser and see or change user...
  2. DerpCode

    Android Question Php & API Implementation

    Hi, I'm attempting to figure out how to implement an API in an app I'm designing. I'm having trouble using the PHP Code provided. It's a JSON and the api is called api medic. Has anyone implemented PHP based api? I'm attempting to use a symptom checker in the app.
  3. DerpCode

    Android Question API-Medic - How do I make it work

    Hi guys, I'm reletively new to android development having only done 13 weeks of learning around this 2 years ago. I'm currently working with a group to create an app for Dengue which will use API Medic to act as the symtom checker. I have litreally no clue on how to begin. Api medic has...