Android Question API-Medic - How do I make it work


Hi guys,

I'm reletively new to android development having only done 13 weeks of learning around this 2 years ago. I'm currently working with a group to create an app for Dengue which will use API Medic to act as the symtom checker. I have litreally no clue on how to begin. Api medic has provided the API codes but how do I get it to work with B4A? I've been scouring the web for any tutorials around this but nothing helpful has cropped up.

Anyone has any experience with API Medic & B4A able to assist? I don't really need a full solution, but a start point with some pointers along the way will really help out.


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Can you provider more info about what the API Medic is? How it communicates? Does it use a JSON, XML, SOAP Envelop?
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Hi Alex,

Link for Api medic files :
It will have Java language within the folder, it will also have PHP as I've learnt in Line java is slightly harder to implement on B4A, so if PHP could be easily implemented that would be good.

Also it communicates via JSON/XML.

A little background on the app we're working on
- Symptom checker, to allow user to enter thier symptoms which would then be sent to APImedic to return a result on what the symptoms may be pointing to, generally it would just need to check if the person has dengue or not but I'm shooting for the extra mile here to provide some level of feedback on what they may have.
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