apk updates

  1. R

    Updates to Google Play Apps In Russia?

    First let me say I don't want to get into political debate but........ I have had a number of adverse reviews from users on the Russian Play Store that my (best selling) app has ceased to update and in some cases has started crashing. From the reports received it appears that it not confined...
  2. R

    Google Play Store Obligations

    Between 2014 and 2016 I was selling App A on the Play Store. Following a large amount of customer feedback I withdrew App A completely from sale and a little later published a vastly expanded and more capable App B. This App B is still selling very well. Both are paid apps. Under the terms...
  3. Harris

    Android Question Smart / Partial APK Update

    Is there any facility to update your app (APK) using a partial (only new content) patch method? For example, new update contains only 2k of new code content. The facility would examine previous existing version against the new version and provide the APK patch to update it - resulting in much...