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  1. F

    iOS Question Screenshots do not sufficiently show your app in use

    Hi guys I recently uploaded my app to the Apple Team for review I added the screenshots in the sizes they requested but I keep getting this message (I don't have an Apple device) We noticed that your screenshots do not sufficiently show your app in use. Specifically, your 6.7-inch iPhone...
  2. A

    iOS Question Rejection message from the App Store - your app includes Back to TestFlight buttons in the screenshots

    Hi all. My app was rejected because of this As far as I understand this button appears if the app started right from the TestFlight. If you start the app by clicking on the app icon this button doesn't show up. I also noticed that at the development time when I cick F5 in B4i the same...
  3. mcqueccu

    Wish Get Screenshot from hosted builder or iOS emulator tool for PC

    Background: I finished developing my first B4I app with my testing device of iPhone 5s, I then used the screenshot resizer tool to generate other screenshot sizes for my app and uploaded to the app store. I got Metadata rejected because the images on larger screens look stretched in width...