1. I

    iOS Question Steps for submit App to App Store

    Please guide the steps / video / url for the following:- How to submit your app to the app store and invite beta testers with TestFlight
  2. I

    iOS Question Publish Application to Apple Store IOS

    Good Day After going through with these two tutorials below. the application is installed on device and running properly. Creating a certificate and provisioning profile ( Installing B4i-Bridge...
  3. B

    iOS Question Be able to install the mobile application (IOS) without using the AppStore

    Good morning, Currently, I have just finished the first version of my application, but I would like everyone to be able to install it without going through the AppStore, how can I do that? Because I’ve been looking for a few days, but I can’t find anything on the Internet. Thank you.
  4. A

    iOS Question Get latest app version number from the App Store

    Hi all Is it legal to get a latest app version by scrapping AppStore tml like this? Protected Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim wc As New WebClient Try Dim str As String, str2 As String Dim pos As Integer...
  5. M

    iOS Question Release Compiling for App Store

    Hi everyone, i can't use my iPhoneXR for a while, so i'm using an iPhone 5 now. I have to send an update of an app to the store. My question is: If i compile the release app while in the server settings is checked 32bit instead of 64bit there is a difference for the app that will published on...
  6. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question Does updating metadata on AppStore really require a new app version?

    I was about to upload a better screenshot for the iPad version of my app. But it was not possible and most of editable fields were disabled. Can somebody confirm that I actually have to create a whole new binary just for the purpose of uploading a screenshot??? [ If true, this is really weird ]
  7. P

    Android Question Amazon Appstore: Invalid apk

    Hello. I've been trying to upload my app on the amazon appstore but it returns "Invalid APK" I read on their forums that maybe your apk is missing Version Code and Version Name attribute. Try adding #VersionName and #VersionCode in the build.gradle file. OK, but how do i add them when i'm not...

    Android Question updating app via the Store

    Hello, When my app purpose an update to the user, like below : (by checking if exists new version trough the webapi) is there a good way to make the script ? - Close the app - Launch the Store app (PlayStore or AppStore , if exist) - make it positionning on the app into the store folder (like...
  9. G

    German App in AppStore veröffentlichen

    Hi, ich versuche seit mehreren Stunden eine b4a App im Google app Store zu veröffentlichen. Ich habe: die Store Einträge gemacht, Inhalte beschrieben Video und ScreenShots geladen und APK Datei hochgeladen. Beim Versuch einen App-Release zu veröffentlichen setzt er den Status auf...
  10. mcqueccu

    iOS Question Certificates and publishing to App store

    Please when publishing to the app store, is it necessary to create another certificate in addition to the new production provision profile?
  11. mcqueccu

    iOS Question Ready to Publish..But needs clarification

    Am excited to publish my first application. However, I want to be clear about the steps in the publishing tutorial here 1. I have done the step 1, tested the app in airplane mode and it was ok. 2. Create a distribution certificate and provision file...using the the existing certsigningrequest...