1. DroidLyon

    Android Question ASTABMENU animation on click optional ?

    This refers to @AlexanderStoltes impressive ASTabmenu I have now managed to successfully apply ASTabStrip & ASTabMenu to the b4xDrawer example of B4xPages :). (I've attached zip) Unfortunately despite looking I can't find a way to turn off the animation when you click on the tab ("it's like...
  2. DroidLyon

    Android Question [Solved] ASTabStrip example - ASTabMenu 'overlayed' by ASViewPager

    This question relates to @AlexanderStoltes excellent AsTabStrip/Astabmenu/AsViewpager suite Apologies in advance if it's my bad, and I'm obviously thinking that I may have an environmental issues, but using the ASTabStrip example given in post above I see screen below ? Instead of the working...