Android Question [Solved] ASTabStrip example - ASTabMenu 'overlayed' by ASViewPager


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This question relates to @AlexanderStoltes excellent AsTabStrip/Astabmenu/AsViewpager suite

Apologies in advance if it's my bad, and I'm obviously thinking that I may have an environmental issues, but using the ASTabStrip example given in post above I see screen below ?


Instead of the working

Both the AsTabMenu and ASViewPager appear for a 'micro second', but then the AsViewPager appears to "overlay" or move over the top of the ASTabMenu. The ASTabMenu cannot then be seen or used. I've tried all weekend to resolve this but to no avail ...

To Note:
The ASTabMenu and AsViewPager examples work - as far as I can tell :)
The issue for ASTabStrip occurs on my test environment - a platform 28 emulator, and two Huawei phones (Android 10 and 9) - either via bridge or installing via APK.

To assure the environment I have:
  • Reinstalled B4a 10.2 (core 9.90 ?)
  • Reinstalled Android SDK and all recommended installs via B4xSDKManager
  • and ensured that I have up to date libraries that you specify -see attached


Other things of note
In the ASViewPager example I could not see a designer property named "orientation" using library 1.07?
but there is "string with list" custom property which offers vertical/horizontal and allows me to change orientation?

For the ASTabStrip example I tried a few things but got same result every time:
  • I added reflection lib as guessed it should be added for the viewpager? Same result
  • I change orientation via the "string with list" property Same result
  • I changed the manifest to targetSdkVersion 29 . Same result
  • I tried forcing the layout by adding ASViewPager1.Top = ASTabMenu1.Bottom but Same result

Any suggestions gratefully received as I would really like to use ASTabStrip.

Thanks in advance
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Alexander Stolte

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Hey, thanks for that and I'm sorry you wasted so much time finding a solution.
I'm happy to say it is fixed now in 1.08 of ASViewPager.
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