1. F

    Android Question ASViewPager how to add a custom layout to each page?

    Hi all, im using the ASViewPager library and works fine. But i need change this code For i = 0 To 5 Dim tmp_xpnl As B4XView = xui.CreatePanel("") tmp_xpnl.Color = xui.Color_ARGB(255,Rnd(1,255),Rnd(1,255),Rnd(1,255))...
  2. Jorge M A

    Android Question B4XTable inside AsViewPager, table not shown.

    Hello everyone! I am returning to pick up where I left off, because of other priorities. Getting to know B4XPAGES and other news for me. So Taking Erel´s example, about the B4X Editable Table, and the nice @Alexander Stolte s AS ViewPager, I can't get the table to appear in B4A, testing on...
  3. A

    Android Question [B4X] [XUI] AsViewPager touch event for B4XRulerPicker child view

    I am using B4XRulerPicker as a child view for AsViewPager; however the touch event for the ruler seems is affected by the parent. I have tried multiple options and tried to set Scroll to false to overcome this but didn't work. I have attached a small project that shows the difference when...
  4. F

    Android Question [Solved] ASViewPager - Access to page content

    Hi, i try to use ASViewPager to show the content of database records. It looks very good, but i have the problem to access the actual shown record. I want to edit the record which is visible. In my testversion i use following code: Class_Globals Private ASVP1 As ASViewPager Private...
  5. DroidLyon

    Android Question [Solved] ASTabStrip example - ASTabMenu 'overlayed' by ASViewPager

    This question relates to @AlexanderStoltes excellent AsTabStrip/Astabmenu/AsViewpager suite Apologies in advance if it's my bad, and I'm obviously thinking that I may have an environmental issues, but using the ASTabStrip example given in post above I see screen below ? Instead of the working...