1. walterf25

    B4J Question ABMaterial Class Instantiation

    Hi all, I need some help understanding how to use a standar B4J class in an ABMaterial project, basically I have a project where I have a written a class that opens a Serial Port and starts receiving data from a device, This all works perfect so far, until I navigate to a different page, the...
  2. bahram1992

    Android Question Problem in Recieve Data from Bluetooth ESP32 in B4A

    Hi, im using a ESP32 Bluetooth to send a number. i use bluetooth serial in esp32 arduino to send number. I can received this number in serial bluetooth terminal app in my phone. I need just receive and show this number in android phone. Time between send number is minimum 2 seconds but its...
  3. S

    iOS Question Run a Sub in background thread without blocking the UI (Asynchronous)

    Hello everyone. Maybe someone can help with advice. I am developing a chat. I want that when the application starts, a request is sent and received a JSON file with all messages in order to update all chats. But while this function is being executed, the interface stops responding to clicks. I...
  4. Martin Larsen

    B4R Question Deep sleep with AsyncStreams + B4XSerializator

    I am working on a remote thermometer for my greenhouse using an ESP8266-01 and DHT11. Currently I am using AsyncStreams + B4XSerializator which is simple to work with and works well. Now I want to put the ESP8266 in deep sleep mode so save battery and only wake up every 5 minutes or so. But...
  5. T

    Android Question Serial Comm, AsyncStreams with B4A ...Chars and Numbers Problem Solved !!!! :-)

    Hello, use B4A --> to send commands to Attiny how can i send textcommands like "r" or Data like "50" as ascii char ? i tried some with byteconverter and StringtoHex.... but nothing is successfull... Have anybody idea how i can send Textcommands ?... Thousend Thanks Heinz
  6. Enrico Fuoti

    Android Question Problem trying to write to socket bytes with some values greater then chr(128)

    Hi all, my problem is to write to a wifi socket connected to a led display. The Display accepts a 22 byte string, but some of the required chars are chr(177) to chr(186). When I assign the string to buffer the buffer of course gets negative values.. and the display will not generate any...
  7. Kevin

    Android Question Strange issues with socket/asyncstream [Solved]

    I used the B4X Serializator tutorial as the basis for an android app that communicates with my ESP-12E. For the most part it works great, however, I have noticed some strange issues: If I don't "disconnect" when pausing the activity (such as when exiting the app), then it seems to stay...
  8. J

    Android Question Fail to send large files from B4A-App to my B4J-server.

    I have great need to send .MP4 files to my B4J server. The problem is that I can't find a solution to send large .MP4 files to my B4J server. Is there anyone who solved this problem? What I can understand is a way to use AsynkStream communications to handle such large files. The questions...