b4a 10.70

  1. MList

    Android Question ASCheckbox Error in B4A(B4X)

    B4A Version: 10.70 Parse den Code. Error Fehler beim Parsen des Programms: Fehlerbeschreibung: Undeklarierte Variable wird verwendet, bevor ihr ein Wert zugewiesen wurde. Fehler in Zeile: 155 (ASCheckbox) xlbl_background.Font = IIf(g_isfontaswesome =...
  2. K

    Share My Creation Liquor Prices and Cocktail Recipes

    It's been more than a year I've started to use B4A. This is one of my app I've developed using B4A. Basically, this is an app where users can know the current liquor prices and cocktail recipes of my country (Sri Lanka), and they can add their reviews and rate the liquors based on their...
  3. Richard Phipps

    Android Question Excel File Corrupted

    I used this code to create an xls file but it creates a corrupted file which Excel cannot easily open. However, i overrode the warnings and "opened anyway" to see a blank workbook. Also the sheet is not called "BloodFlight" but the same as the file name. Also, the cell is not created with...
  4. Richard Phipps

    Android Question Excel: Cannot find: C:\Program Files (x86)\Anywhere Software\Basic4android\libraries\jxl.jar

    I selected the ADDITIONAL excel library v1 and also downloaded from the link (jexcelapi_2_6_12.zip) https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/read-write-excel-files-on-android.25632/ My directory for Additonal Libraries is Android/New Libraries. After extraction of zip, I now have jexcelapi...
  5. L

    Android Question Program does not work after migrating from B4A 9.80 to 10.70

    Hello last year I wrote a class (in B4A 9.80) that uses UDPSocket and resumable subs to learn B4X starting from my needs. I installed B4A 10.70 in a new VM and found that with the new version it doesn't work (with the old it still works). Private Sub WaitForMessageHelper (Result() As Object) As...
  6. M-CAP7AIN

    Bug? B4A 10.70 Webview LoadUrl('File') Problem ?

    B4A version 10.70 when compiled project in Release , webview load file problem : WV.LoadUrl("file:///android_asset/asset/"&FILE_NAME) but B4A version 10.20 work correctly.
  7. R

    Android Question Unknown type: b4xmainpage. Are you missing a library reference?

    Hi Guys, I have upgraded my B4A from 10.0 to 10.07 and I can't get my app running on the new version.
  8. L

    Android Question MaterialDateTimePicker with B4A v10.70

    Good morning, after updating B4a to version 10.70 the MaterialDateTimePicker library gives me the error : I've tried to put on tab Files the Font and to initialize it on Main Activity, but the error persist. Any suggestions? Best regards