Share My Creation Liquor Prices and Cocktail Recipes

It's been more than a year I've started to use B4A. This is one of my app I've developed using B4A.

Basically, this is an app where users can know the current liquor prices and cocktail recipes of my country (Sri Lanka), and they can add their reviews and rate the liquors based on their experience and their desire.
Here I've used SQLite to store some data locally and MySQL database to store primary data in a database so I can change the liquor price remotely when there is a price change. To get data from MySQL, I've used the jdbcSQL library (

I've included the Google Firebase SMS verification library developed by @Enrico Fuoti ( to verify mobile number as a login/signup method.

Thank you to all library developers who developed excellent libraries and contributed their time and effort. And finally, thank you, @Erel , for making B4A as a free software and for your guidance.

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