1. E

    Android Question BLE2 dropouts when WiFi inactive

    This isn't a question, just an observation that might save someone the days of stress that I've just had. Symptom is an app that reads a BLE sensor, works great during development using B4A Bridge, solid as a rock. Then I recompile it with logging disabled (and now even comment out all...

    Android Question How can I activate the "windowed" emulator used on the tutorials?

    I'd like to use the windowed emulator Erel uses on his tutorials, seems faster than the B4A-Bridge via wifi I'm currently using. How is it installed? Regards, Fernando
  3. Kenny Ali

    Android Question Access denied to the path

    Hi, I'm using B4A-Bridge and today out of nowhere I got this error. B4A Version: 7.80 Parseando code. (0.01s) Compiling Error code Access denied to the path 'C: \ Users \ ***** \ Desktop \ Personal \ Project1BA \ Objects \ bin \ classes'. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?
  4. Dragobyte

    Spanish B4A Bridge no me instala

    Hola, feliz año a todos de entrada. Desde hace pocos días se ha actualizado B4A Bridge en mi móvil, pero cuando compilo y B4A Bridge realiza el proceso de instalación llega a la pantalla donde te pregunta y sale Cancelar o Instalar. Pues bien, el botón de Instalar me sale siempre en gris y no...