b4i build error

  1. MList

    iOS Question build Release app error

    I updated B4i to Version 8.10 When i try to build release app i get the following error: Some problems with hosted builder ? B4i Version: 8.10 Parse den Code. (0.36s) Building folders structure. (0.07s) Führe individuellen Aktion aus. (0.09s) Kompiliere den Code. (0.22s) Kompiliere...
  2. walterf25

    iOS Question Building B4iBridge (Horrible experience)

    Hello everyone, i've done this before and i remember giving me the same headache only this time i can't even build the B4iBridge, i get the following error, even though i've followed Erel's tutorials to the letter, i've deleted and re-created the mobile provision file, the certificate file like...
  3. S

    iOS Question Can't connect to b4i-bridge

    My b4i-bridge can provide the IP address and my laptop can also detect the address. However, the bridge kept loading after I click the address in device IP address. I've deleted the bridge and reinstalled for several times but didn't work tho.
  4. mbayik

    iOS Question Builder Problem Occurs

    Hi, im new at b4i. i've local mac and already b4ibuildserver running with port 51041. the xcode version is 9.2. b4i is 4.81 iget this error