1. behnam_tr

    Share My Creation (b4j) vlc local and Url video player

    hi thanks @moster67 for wrapping Vlcj i only add seekbar and convert to class for use in other projects and fullscreen mode sample and lib+jars atteched. Download Jars
  2. muhammadali213123

    Android Question Can I get libvlc.jar to be use in b4a ?

    Please don't delete my post. I am already depressed and helpless. I didn't added any bad thing. And if added then please correct me.Thanks! As you know all that vlc isn't just a video player But also an open source framework shared across tons of platforms. They give you a lib called libvlc...
  3. Abdou1283

    B4J Question b4jvlcj user-agent

    hi all, i m using b4jvlcj library to play videos, https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4jvlcj-embed-vlc-mediaplayer-in-your-program-app.77098/#content but i need to set a user agent for the lib so that i can play videos, for example this link...