Android Question Can I get libvlc.jar to be use in b4a ?

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As you know all that vlc isn't just a video player But also an open source framework shared across tons of platforms.
They give you a lib called libvlc which can be use anywhere.
But I am trouble having use libvlc with b4a.
If you see here, videolan have provided libvlc bindings for most platforms.
But I wanted just libvlc.jar or any other lib which have direct interface to libvlc.
Likewise old vlc wrapper, that have good Media Controller but problem is that it don't have much options which libvlc have.
And also it was outdated that uses old libvlc version.
You can see, vlc can be feeded using these options.

Media Options:
Dim media As Media = new Media(libVLC, "", FromType.FromLocation); 'You can feed media using URL or link
Dim media As Media = new Media(libVLC, new StreamMediaInput(stream))                            'You can feed media using stream
Dim media As Media = new Media(libVLC, "C:\example\video.mp4", FromType.FromPath)               'You can feed media using file path
So I wanted that type of options.
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