1. jaber103

    Android Question b4xImageView

    hi i want use urlpath for b4xImageView please help me . how to do? and this cod Picasso.Initialize Picasso.LoadUrl(adrespic).IntoImageView(ImageView1) for imageview works i want like this cod . tanks
  2. D

    Android Question I am confused: xCustomListView, B4XImageView, Tag?

    In an xCustomListView with just several list items, each has a panel with a number of B4XViews, among them a button and a B4XImageView. When you tap the button, you can then take a photo with simple camera intent. I store the resized bitmap into the database and also create a jpg file. It's...
  3. K

    Bug? [B4X] B4XImageView error during image load at older devices

    Hello, I developed app in B4X Pages and used there B4XimageViews. During tests on different devices I found the problem with using B4XImageView at Samsung Galaxy TAB S - SDK 19. Subsequently I used example from tutorial...
  4. C

    Android Question [B4XPages] Class instance was not initialized (b4ximageview)

    i have trouble, have a page with 3 imgx(B4xImageView added in designer) , 'x' wich mean 1,2,3. in page1 i have this piece of code that open next page (pageCargaEvidencia) Private Sub cmdSiguiente_Click Try pageCargaEvidencia.Initialize B4XPages.ShowPage("pageCargaEvidencia")...
  5. mmieher

    Android Question Cannot Remove B4XImageView Bitmap

    Reference: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4ximageview-unload-bitmap.123842/#post-773670 I cannot seem to make this bitmap clear in my "big" project. A small project works just fine. I cannot think of what it could be, since this part of the biggie is fundamentally the same. I...
  6. TelKel81

    Android Question B4XImageView : in B4J, resizing a view autoscales the bitmap, in B4A, it does not

    B4J/B4A have same code and designer layout. In B4A, is there a way to obtain the same result as in B4J, without having to "set again" the bitmap when the view's width/height is changed ?
  7. LucaMs

    B4J Question [Solved] B4XImageView - Update

    When should Update of B4XImageView be called? I assume if you change the size of the B4XImageView and maybe when you set a new bitmap Is Sleep(0) necessary then? I am having trouble with this in creating a custom view which contains B4XImageViews.
  8. H

    Android Question How to add B4XImageView into BBCodeView?

    Hi, Adding an imageview inside the BBCodeView is simple but I can't add the B4XImageView just like the imageview with the following code: Dim b4xiv As B4XImageView b4xiv.Initialize("", "b4xiv") b4xiv.Bitmap = job.GetBitmap bbcMessageContent.Views.Put("iv", iv) bbcMessageContent.Text = $"...
  9. LucaMs

    B4A Library [B4X][B4Xlib] lmB4XImageView

    Modified version of Erel's B4XImageView - which is inside the "Xui Views" library. It does not replace that, just add this to the additional libraries folder (B4X) and then choose whether to use in your project this or that. The changes are two: 1 - I added the Click event - which also takes...
  10. LucaMs

    Android Question [Solved] SetLayoutAnimated - Different behavior between B4J and B4A

    "Same project" (B4XPages): B4J: B4A:
  11. LucaMs

    Android Question [Solved] How to get the (text) tag of a B4XImageView...

    How to get the (text) tag of a B4XImageView when it is in a Panel (B4XView) by using GetAllViewsRecursive?
  12. S

    iOS Question Border not displaying for B4XImageView

    I can't seem to get the B4xImageView control to display a border. Is this something that can't be done. I am setting the border radius in both the Custom Properties area and the Border Properties of the designer. The image now has a corner radius but no border line. Regards, Simon.
  13. padvou

    Android Question Solved [B4X] B4XImageView - Possible to rotate image by 90 degrees?

    Hello, if the application is for example in portrait and the image to be displayed would be displayed better if it were landscape, could the image be rotated by 90 degrees and then displayed in the imageview? I dont want to rotate the whole app to landscape.
  14. A

    Android Question How To insert a B4XImageView component via line of code?

    with ImageView just Do so Dim img As ImageView Activity.AddView(img, 0%x, 5%y, 100%x, 20%y) But how would it be To insert a B4XImageView component in the Activity via line of code? Thank you very much in advance