1. M

    Android Question B4XPlusMinus on ScrollView

    Hello everybody, I try to use custom controlls on the ScrollView. 1) I load the layouts with b4xplusminus controls, 2) I make the array of the controls and with panels with the code: Mood = Array As B4XPlusMinus (B4XPlusMinus1, B4XPlusMinus2, B4XPlusMinus3,B4XPlusMinus4) pan = Array As Panel...
  2. F

    Android Question How to change the SelectedValue fields in B4XPlusMinus Using a Byte From An Array

    I am constructing a B4A BLE app that needs a number of B4XPlusMinus SelectedValue fields (5 total) to be updated from a byte array (5 bytes in length) that is sent from the BLE peripheral. I am having trouble converting the incoming bytes to objects that are acceptable to replace the current...
  3. AKJammer

    B4J Question Error Initializing B4XPlusMinus

    I'm trying to use the XUtils B4XPlusMinus but am having a problem with initialization. I can get it to work when it's created with the designer, but when I try to create it in a tableview I keep getting the error: Waiting for debugger to connect... Program started. Error occurred on line: 143...
  4. J

    Android Question B4XPlusMinus

    Where i can download B4XPlusMinus? Please i need the link of the XUI Views v2.05 only found the 2.0 versión Thanks a lot. Joseph