Android Code Snippet B4XPlusMinus: change knobs icons

Spent one hour looking in the forum for a way to change B4XPlusMinus knob symbols.

You can directly change the text but characters will not be aligned correctly (at least for an horizontal B4XPlusMinus)
B4XPlusMinus1.lblMinus.Text = "-"
B4XPlusMinus1.lblPlus.Text = "+"

Here is what finally worked for me:
    B4XPlusMinus1.lblMinus.Font = xui.CreateFontAwesome(24)
    B4XPlusMinus1.lblMinus.Text = Chr(0xF068) ' fontawesome - sign
    B4XPlusMinus1.lblPlus.Font = xui.CreateFontAwesome(24)
    B4XPlusMinus1.lblPlus.Text = Chr(0xF067) ' fontawesome + sign

Hope that helps, Serge.