1. D

    Android Question Prelaunch report content labeling - B4XSwitch view

    Hi, Guys Before I start, please do feel free to comment it my method of dealing with this prelaunch report is not the best method! Anyway, I am having a problem relating to Google Play content labeling warnings in the prelaunch report. Normally I use the Accessibility library to handle this...
  2. Marcos Alves

    Android Question B4XSwitch in runtime - is it possible

    Hello all, I trying to create a B4XSwitch in runtime using the code: Dim itemEnabled As B4XSwitch itemEnabled.Initialize(Me,"itemEnabled") itemEnabled.mBase.AddView(pnlEditItem,10,panelPos,txtPrice.Height * 4,txtPrice.Height) But this is generating the error...
  3. Alexander Stolte

    Wish [B4X] XUI Views B4XSwitch properties per code

    Hey, i create the views per code and it would be very useful for me, if the: Value On Color Off Color Thumb Color properties setable per code. Thanks