1. DarkoT

    B4J Question B4XTables - dinamically order of columns

    Hi, I need help... It's somewhere example how to solve the problem with dynamically arranging the order of columns in B4xTable. I created new module where user can define order of all columns in B4XTable; but I don't have any idea how to set data (b4xtable.setData) in same order as is defined...
  2. nibbo

    Android Question B4XTable hidden column - SOLVED #7

    Hi Is there a way to set the visibility of a B4XTable column? I have found some examples of 'hiding' columns but they just seem to be deleting it; I want the column to exist but not be visible. Saw another example that suggested setting the Width to zero but it seems to always be set to zero...
  3. mmieher

    Android Question B4XTable Autofit Column Width

    I struggled with this for awhile. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-b4xtable-resize-columns-based-on-content.102678/#content I am really not worthy of changing Erel's code, but here is what worked for me. It also considers the width of the column header. Sub...
  4. Sergio Castellari

    Android Question [Solved] How do I "mark" a row of a B4Xtable with a background color?

    Situation: A) I have a B4XTable view B) I need that by clicking on any of the columns, I can change the background color of the entire row. Basically what I want is for the USER to see which row was selected, showing it in another color. Greetings
  5. A

    B4J Question (S O L V E D ] column types in b4xtable

    hello to all! i'm using b4xtable and also a preferenceDialog. i use a time field in the formbuilder. which column type must i declare in the b4xtable? thank you!
  6. Sergio Castellari

    Spanish Cambiar el color de una columna B4X Table según el contenido de otra

    Hola, Necesito cambiar el color del contenido de una columna, de acuerdo al contenido de otra. En el ejemplo que pruebo cambian el color, si el contenido tiene un valor positivo o negativo. En mi caso, quiero que cambie el color, pero si otra columna contiene una "S" o "". Este codigo es el...