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    Android Question Start activity in service when screen locked android10+

    Hi everyone I am trying to make an app that will start activity even if the screen is locked with password when a specific text message is received. I'm using service intent filter for sms receiveing and it work fine when phone is on Tank's for any help

    B4A Library ReplyAuto - Library Response WhatsApp, Telegram (background service)

    Hello, I would like to introduce you to my new auto-response library for social networks, compatible with whatsapp, telegram works in the background A good part of the code was recovered from the NotificationListener library I made some modifications to adapt to my project and I'm making...
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    iOS Question Run a Sub in background thread without blocking the UI (Asynchronous)

    Hello everyone. Maybe someone can help with advice. I am developing a chat. I want that when the application starts, a request is sent and received a JSON file with all messages in order to update all chats. But while this function is being executed, the interface stops responding to clicks. I...
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    iOS Question Database encryption and Background service questions

    Hi all. For Android we are using SQLCipher. But what about iOS? Do we have something? How to encrypt a SQLite database in b4i? For Android we can use Starter to use background services, like a timer that works behind and checks if all activities are paused and if so - does something, for...
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    B4A Library Wrapper for Doki/Don't Kill My App

    If you have worked on an app that has a service that needs to be running all the time, you must have gone through the delightful experience of different phones killing your background service in different ways, despite taking all the corrective measures. I get negative reviews routinely on Play...
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    Android Question [Resolved] JMQTT /Static receiver

    Hi All, I have a question that I am unable to implement in an example so seeking assistance. The problem: I have an mqtt app that is working perfectly fine; and working good in the background until it is killed, so for sure no other messages are being received or sent since the Starter service...
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    Android Question Background Task goes to sleep

    I have been using for a while one app (SENDER) that connects to a Bluetooth device and sends data to a second app (RECEIVER) using Broadcast receiver/intents. The SENDER app runs in the background and the RECEIVER app interacts with the User in the foreground. All worked fine until Android 8.0...