1. A

    Android Question Image Background Eraser

    Hi, how can I delete the image background with the eraser? And this can be done by touching and having undo capability. And the image can be recreated by touching
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Changing background colour of B4XDialog

    Greetings, I'm trying to change the background colour of a B4XDialog I started to use but the app crashes with this error in the logs. It crashes on the comented out line. java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "(GradientDrawableWithCorners)...
  3. P

    B4J Question Random picture background

    Hello, Is it possible to pick a random picture from uploaded files and set it as the form's background? Seems simple but I have searched and didn't find anything. Help is appreciated.
  4. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Running a streaming app without it being put to sleep by Android

    Greetings, Android is killing (putting to sleep) my radio streaming app. Originally, I placed all of the app code in the main module. It works fine for long periods of time only if I stay in the app. If I exit the app or turn the phone screen off, Android was killing it after about 3 or 4...
  5. Dave O

    Android Question Automatic backup - timing?

    Hi all, If my app does an automatic backup to the cloud, what's the best timing to run the backup process? Long version: I'm adding an automatic backup to some of my apps (so that users can restore later if data gets corrupted or if they just want to revert to an earlier state). The backup...
  6. M

    iOS Question Make the status bar transparent, to show the background image.

    Hi everyone, after a long period of no programming, I met again a problem that I never solved before. I want my ImageView Background continue under the status bar too. I Wish to make transparent the part that now is gray the picture. I tried to follow this post, without success. Is it possible...
  7. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question [RESOLVED] Remove top of the panel edge

    Hello everyone! how can I make a border on a panel and then remove a top part of the border to put a label with a transparent background. note that the background color of the panel is transparent. I need the background to be transparent because there are screens for apps that contain gradients.
  8. Michael2150

    Android Question [Solved] Is there any appcompat background property?

    Hi so i've been using this piece of code in my manifest: SetApplicationAttribute(android:theme, "@style/Theme.AppCompat") SetApplicationAttribute(android:theme, "@style/my_blue_theme") '================= Appcompat library App colors can be set here ============= CreateResource(values...
  9. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question BBScrollingLabel background color

    Hello, i'm using the lib BBScrollingLabel, but i could not change view background color. How can i change the view background color? Thank you.
  10. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] GeoFence and closed app

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if it's possibile to set up a geofence that when you enter (or exit), triggers an event catchable with the app closed. (like Apple "Find My" app, that can send a notification to you when a friend leave/arrive a place). I'm not knowledge about this things , so I'm...
  11. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Is the starter service protected against Android from putting it to sleep?

    Greetings, I have a simple question. Is the starter service protected against Android putting it to sleep? I just want to make sure a user can't put my app to sleep by messing around with "Device care" under "Settings" on their devices. If it's possible Android will do that, then I will update...
  12. LucaMs

    Bug? B4XFloatTextField background color

    Setting the background color of B4XFloatTextFied has no effect.
  13. M

    Android Question App in pause, when resumed go to MAIN activity instead of the current activity

    Hi everyone, i've an app with the Main activity used as Login form. When i user log in i wrote: StartActivity("Home") But if the user put the app in background and then opens it up from the homescreen (not from the recent apps) starts the Main activity instead of the Home activity (that is the...
  14. M

    Android Question Continous background GPS tracking

    Hi everyone, i'm coding an app for quite a whille (before the update), and i quitted beacuse the SO kill my foreground process while the app is in background, so after an random period of time it stop working. I wish to know if there is a way with the new update to prevent the OS to kill my...
  15. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question #StartAtBoot: True doesnt seem to work

    I have a php web server that happily sends Firebase Push Notifications when a new record is created for a particular customer. These appear when the Android app has been started manually, allowing clients to know when there is something demanding their attention, as the clicking of the...
  16. M

    Android Question Background service tracker killed

    Hi everyone, i implemented this code in my app to track the position in background: But after 4 hours it stopped working... what could be the problem? in the "Service_Create" of the tracking i have...
  17. alimanam3386

    iOS Question How to show a notification

    How can I show a notification when my app is in background? I used timer but it doesn't work when my app is in the background.
  18. D

    iOS Question App not responding to socket messages while in background

    Hi all, I have an app which uses sockets (from the iNetwork library) to communicate with another device over WiFi. Some of the messages received from the other device can cause local notifications to be raised on the iPhone running the app, or the app to send responses back to the other device...
  19. R

    iOS Question Task in Background stop the application.

    Hi, please. Could you help. been looking the problem and 1 or 2minutes after application in background, the application break. In the log, I can see that message. Can't end BackgroundTask: no background task exists with identifier 1027 (0x403), or it may have already been ended. Break in...
  20. B

    B4J Question How to do "background" stuff in B4J without affecting UI?

    I am programming a Point Of Sale application using B4J which also communicates with remote devices via direct socket connection (using jNetwork and opening/using a ServerSocket connection). I want to use the open socket connection like a serial port, receiving queries from remote devices and...