bad performance

  1. rtek1000

    B4J Question I tried to report a BUG but I was ridiculed.

    I tried to install version 8.90 of B4J on Windows 7 x32 (32 bits), but the screen opened completely black. As I was already using this version 8.90 of B4J on Windows 10 x64, I tried to inform a BUG. But an administrator told me that this does not appear to be Windows 7. Then someone "liked"...
  2. Y

    Android Question Strange lag/bad performance when switching layouts in a panel

    I have an app that has a top bar with a button to show a sliding menu (done with slidingmenuwrapper) and a label that indicates what "page" you're currently on. The rest of the UI is a Panel. The menu contains some buttons that allow you to switch between several pages by loading different...