1. S

    Share My Creation click & claim - free bitcoin faucet

    Hi everyone. after several months of work, forum posts, problems solved and money spent, I finally finished my last application in b4x It names Click & Claim, and it is a free faucet for android. The feature that distinguishes this app from the others, in addition to working, is that it saves...
  2. D

    Android Question I need to add an advertising code (ADMOB) for kids

    I need to add an advertising code (ADMOB) for kids, I saw an example from 2016 and added. But I see adult banner ads. Is it okay to see adult ads? An intermediate ad for children I need a code in full. Thanks.
  3. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Adaptive Banners

    From code posted by Erel on this thread 1: Code: Sub GetAdaptiveAdSize As AdSize Dim ctxt As JavaObject ctxt.InitializeContext Dim AdSize As JavaObject Dim width As Int = 100%x / GetDeviceLayoutValues.Scale...