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Hi everyone.
after several months of work, forum posts, problems solved and money spent, I finally finished my last application in b4x

It names Click & Claim, and it is a free faucet for android.

The feature that distinguishes this app from the others, in addition to working, is that it saves the registration email in the database, encrypting it and making it unreadable in the event of a cyber attack

To link the account, use the unique ID of the device. If you use a device with an "unknown" ID, your account will be banned

Youtube Video:

Avaible on appgallery:

or apk file

Facebook page

App Features:
-> MySQL database
-> save email address encrypted
-> referral system
-> free Version with ADS
-> Premium Subscriptions without ADS
-> Automated withdrawal request creation
-> Account based on the device ID
-> translated in English, Italian, French, Spanish (Use Google translate)
-> Ban system
-> Update check system, notification for the free version, apk download for premium

Last version 1.44

Suggestions and 5 stars reviews are welcome!
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Unfortunately I don't own a Huawei device.


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New version available for download no more on App gallery, but on Samsung store, or direct in apk file from the site
Feel free to write a review (5 stars) on the store.
Samsung gallery returns more views and downloads than app gallery.
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