1. joko0124

    Android Question [B4X] BBListItem - BCTextEngine inside CLV (Help please)

    Hello! Can anybody help me with my problem regarding bblistitem? When I comment blocked line 13-14 it will run with no error, but it doesn't show the content (see attachment) And removing comments from this line got an error (see attachment) Private Sub clvFAQs_ScrollChanged (Offset As Int)...
  2. F

    Share My Creation ANSIDroid - ANSI Art on Android

    Another "weird" app of mine, to render and display ANSI art in Android smartphones. You can download any .ANS, .DIZ, .NFO, even .TXT file and render it on the fly on your phone. It supports SAUCE data , various palletes for matching colors and many, many, many bitmap fonts to achieve 100%...
  3. alimanam3386

    Android Question Does BCTextEngine supports unicode characters?

    I am trying to using Erel cross platform chat layout example. It's excellent and useful but I have an issue with unicode characters ( like Farsi language or Arabic language) So how can I fix this issue?
  4. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Chat Example

    Hello everyone, I use this code in B4A and works correctly. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/chat-example-bctextengine.113203/#post-706276 But when i use in B4I the text message it's not showing, just the bubble my sub BuildMessage it's this one Private Sub BuildMessage (Text As...
  5. walterf25

    iOS Question BBLabel Click Event

    Hi All, I decided to give BBLabel a try because i needed to be able to set the padding property, the BBLabel view works very nice for this need, however i realized that it doesn't handle the Click Event, is there a way to add that to this view, i really would like to stick to using this view...
  6. TelKel81

    Android Question Raising Events with BCTextEngine ?

    Hi, is it possible to raise events on click ? I love csbuilder but I read that it is not compatible with B4J.
  7. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Chat Example - BCTextEngine

    Hello, I'm using this example to do my chat: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-cross-platform-chat-layout-example.112649/#content But i did not get how to put an image in the bubble. Is there a way to do this with this example? Thank you.
  8. Sandman

    Wish Add support for kerning in BCTextEngine / BBCodeView

    This is regarding: [B4X] BCTextEngine / BBCodeView - Text engine + BBCode parser + Rich Text View https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-bctextengine-bbcodeview-text-engine-bbcode-parser-rich-text-view.106207/ Examples showing bad kerning, taken from that thread: I am very fond of...
  9. mcqueccu

    Android Question BCTextEngine - how to use default system font and set padding

    1. The BBCodeview seems to be using lighter font than the system font when i run the example, and also used in my application. How do i set a custom font or stick to default system font? 2. Bug in padding - When i set padding left and right to the BBCodeView in designer, it crops off parts of...