1. Mark Turney

    Web3x (blockchain) Video Series Poll

    Who would like a few video tutorials on how to use the new Web3x library (as I learn each part)? I have been immersing myself in this technology and find it a potentially game changing tool. I completed the Blockchain Specialization from University of Buffalo (SUNY) via Coursera, so I have...
  2. carlos7000

    Spanish No Inicializado [Solucionado]

    Hola a todos. Estoy tratado de hacer una sencilla aplicación que me permita hacer trading en Binance. Al tratar llamar al url "" desde el navegador funciona bien, el servidor responde de forma correcta (no requiere autentificacion o parametros...
  3. atulindore

    Share My Creation CryptoStream - live and streaming rates for bitcoin and Cryptocurrecies

    Hi Friends Pls check my first google play store app for bitcoin and cryptocurrency streaming rates. I have used exchanges rest APIs and JSON parser to create this app. Download Live Streaming Crypto App at Google Play:
  4. BerlinCoder

    Android Question How can I build a wallet for Bitcoin?

    Hello, is there any library or source codes or whatever to show how can I build a bitcoin wallet?
  5. wonder

    B4J Library Bitcoin

    This lib provides easy access to Bitcoin prices and blockchain info. #TODO: Write a proper opening post. - The methods are well documented. - The B4A version is work-in-progress. - Please donate. Real-time price example: 'Non-UI application (console / server application) #Region Project...
  6. wonder

    Android Example [B4X] Blockchain Example - Create Your Own Cryptocurrency (part 1/2)

    Blockchain A digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly. In more general terms, it’s a public database where new data are stored in a container called a block and are added to an immutable chain (hence blockchain) with...