1. G

    Android Question Camera picture size

    The code below takes a picture, saves and loads it back. However, the image after the code execution is not scaled as in the preview, it looks as if cropped and then resized to the view. Sub TakePicture Wait For(cam.FocusAndTakePicture(MyTaskIndex)) Complete (Data() As Byte)...
  2. sdixon

    Android Question Transfer image from one B4XView to another

    i download an image and place it into a B4XView. I would also like to use the same image in another B4XView. How can I transfer the image so I don't have to download it twice? Thanks
  3. M

    Android Question Insert bitmap in a button that have colordrawable

    Hi everyone, I've a round button (with border), but i want to insert a bitmap into too. i'm trying to achieve the same effect i've done in my iOS app. It's possibile to this thing? Thanks in advance!
  4. M

    Android Question SVG in button

    hi, i wanted to know if there is a way to put an svg as image in a button (int the bitmap properity) Thanks in advance!
  5. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question Write image data from buffer to a bitmap

    My question is how to write image data held in a buffer to a bitmap for subsequent display in imageview or further manipulation? With reference to the library I'm working on in this post, I am successfully capturing video frames sent via NDI with the data of each frame stored in a ByteBuffer...
  6. MitchBu

    Android Question Bitmaps less bulky for printing purposes ?

    I am still struggling with printing. PDF printing creates random errors, so I am exploring bitmap printing. But to get to 300 dpi requires a picture 2550x3300 for a letter size printing. As a result, the resulting default bitmap format chokes the printer. Would it be possible to use a less...
  7. Jeffrey Cameron

    Android Code Snippet Draw Bitmap Rotated From Upper-left Corner

    I needed to draw a bitmap rotated from the upper-left corner, not the center of the image as the canvas DrawBitmapRotated function does. After looking up the math and coding this again for the I-don't-know-how-many time, I decided to post it here so I could find it quickly in the future, or...
  8. jahswani

    Share My Creation [B4X]237Pos Version II.

    OUR 237Pos App is Upgraded to B4X and 2 new Versions (B4i,B4J) adding the capability of Holding Sales. 237POS Cross Platform Point Of Sale Application built with B4X tools that will run on Desktops(Windows,macOS,Linux) Android Tablets And iPads. Customizations And Full Source Codes Available...
  9. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question How to put bitmap object into imageview

    I am successfully putting image files into an Sqlite blob, then later reading them from the blob field, however I end up with them in a bitmap object which I then have to put into an imageview. I can see the activity background image, so I k ow I have the blob as an image object, I just need to...
  10. Scotter

    Android Question Wanting to move bitmap along spiral path

    So I've learned how to make a bunch of bitmaps fly out of the center of the screen using the SetLayoutAnimated method and a timer. What I'd like to do next is move a bitmap along a spiral path starting from the center of the screen. Any ideas on how to accomplish this without using thousands of...
  11. peacemaker

    Android Question Barcode scanner and get camera's Bitmap

    HI, All Do we have any barcode scaning lib or class that together with the scanning allows to get Bitmap from camera ? For some extra analyzing.
  12. Cornelius Smit

    iOS Question Base64 to Bitmap

    Good day I am a bit frustrated as my code work in Android but not in IOS I get the following error Error occurred on line: 65 (Main) Error loading image. Stack Trace: ( CoreFoundation <redacted> + 252 libobjc.A.dylib objc_exception_throw + 56 CoreFoundation <redacted> +...
  13. C

    Android Question Bitmap to webp

    It is possible to save a bitmap in .webp?
  14. R

    Android Question swap colours of bitmap

    Using .png images for ACToolbar icons. Produce the bitmapdrawables with this code: Sub BitmapDrawableFromFile(strFolder As String, strFile As String) As BitmapDrawable Dim bmp As Bitmap Dim bmpd As BitmapDrawable bmp = LoadBitmap(strFolder, strFile) bmpd.Initialize(bmp) Return bmpd End...
  15. A

    Android Question Snapshot of panel

    Hello, I used erel solution for snapshot an item (for example - panel) - ( Sub Button1_Click Dim bmp As B4XBitmap = Crop_Image(Panel1, Panel1.left,, Panel1.width, Panel1.height...
  16. Multiverse app

    Android Question Add text to image

    Hi, I want a library that would allow users to add text over images like this- I know a library exists in B4A, but can't find it right now. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  17. M

    Android Question How to convert bitmap to raw byte[] ?

    Hi, I'm aware that a bitmap can be converted to a compressed PNG/JPEG data array for example by using bitmap.WriteToStream(). Does a way for getting just an uncompressed data array from a bitmap exist?
  18. MarkusR

    Java Question [solved ]b4a bitmap to library

    maybe someone had done this. i need to give my library a bitmap from b4a library part: public Texture( Bitmap1) { this.Bitmap1 =Bitmap1; } b4a part: Dim bmp As Bitmap = LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets,"wood.png") Cube1.SetTexture(bmp)