1. Patent

    B4J Code Snippet Render a Node

    Dear community, here is a snip about NEW rendering of any node in any size you want. Yery useful: the original Node is not altered. Works with B4J, not tested with B4A. Enjoy Private Sub RenderNode (factorX As Double, factorY as Double, sourceView As B4XView) As B4XBitmap Dim...
  2. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Toastmessageshow

    I like to customize the native toastmessageshow by using CSBuilder. It works fine but there is on thing left attached bitmaps are not shown in the toast. Instead the B4X Logo is shown. Dim cs As CSBuilder cs.Initialize cs.Alignment("ALIGN_CENTER") cs.Append("Call Center")...
  3. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Bitmap to Excel

    Good Day, I need to copy an image (Bitmap) to an Escel cell. I am using Erels Excel Library. As I see in the forum there is no new B4A solution published. Anyone has a proposal how to do it? Piece of Code should be fine. Thank you.
  4. J

    Android Question Result Set crash when fetching NextRow

    Hi, I want to ask a little question. I have a project that take 8 image using camera intent. I put the picture in B4XImageView, after that I get the bitmap and save it to SQLite. Few reason why I must save to SQLite. - I need to send this bitmap (will be converted to Base64) to web server via...
  5. yo3ggx

    Android Question webview - get a bitmap with javascript

    I want to extract the image in a bitmap using a webview and javascript commands. The code on the web page looks like that: <canvas class="mypic" id="mpcanvas0" width="1024" height="100" >test</canvas> The image is dynamically changed. If I try: Dim js As String js = $"B4A.CallSub('pic_cb'...
  6. yo3ggx

    B4J Question Shift a bitmap vertically

    Hello, How can I shift a bitmap vertically with 1 pixel in B4J and then add a new line at the bottom from a byte array? In b4A I'm using BitmapExtended library, but this one is not available in B4J. Thank you.
  7. captain hawak

    Android Question problem load bitmap with byte() tcp

    hi i send image with c# server to b4a tcp client and after get error load bitmap error. this code very good work for udp just error in tcp from b4a i think problem for tcp b4a img = Image.FromFile(@"C:\Users\at\Pictures\download.jpeg"); ms = new MemoryStream()...
  8. Pedro Caldeira

    Android Question save two images side to side in one single image

    Hello All, I need to grab a pre existing image, generate a qrcode as a second image, set up a canvas, set them side by side and save the canvas as a single image. What am I doing wrong since I always get an empty image in the right area. I have tried to set both as the first existing image and...
  9. D

    iOS Question bitmap - object not initialized (B4i v7.50 and iOS 14.6)

    Hi Guys I have a problem with some old code that now throws an error when compiled using the latest version of B4i v7.50 but only on a devices running iOS14.6 - OK on a device running iOS 12.5.4. The same code is cross platform and runs OK on Android devices. B4i forms designer has a ImageView...
  10. moty22

    Share My Creation TFT Voltmeter

    The code doesn't use any library, the SPI is set by inline C. Using 1.8" TFT with ST7735 driver, displaying universal 5x7 fonts for 0 to 9. The code works only for ATMEGA328, I used Arduino Nano. Voltage input at A0. Bitmap is BMP of 16 (5:6:5) bit color, it uses about 85% of the RAM. ' TFT...
  11. Angel Garcia

    iOS Question Blurry images on CSBuilder

    Hi All, Maybe this is a silly question, i'm getting blurry/distorted images when appending images to CSBuilder. I use the resize function on initialize bitmap to adjust images before adding them to the builder. I'm using the code on this post to perform the append image...
  12. M

    iOS Question Image.Rotate Strange behavior

    Hi everyone. From today the instruction .Rotate for a bitmap is behaving in a strange way. I think the only thing changed is that I update to iOS 14.3. My tests The code Sub Cam_Complete(Success As Boolean, Image as Bitmap, VideoPath As String) If Success Then If...
  13. R

    Android Question Capture Webview Problem

    Hello!, i'm trying to capture a webview and it doesn't come out complete I do not know what the error is, I attach project
  14. gezueb

    Android Question Camera picture size

    The code below takes a picture, saves and loads it back. However, the image after the code execution is not scaled as in the preview, it looks as if cropped and then resized to the view. Sub TakePicture Wait For(cam.FocusAndTakePicture(MyTaskIndex)) Complete (Data() As Byte)...
  15. sdixon

    Android Question Transfer image from one B4XView to another

    i download an image and place it into a B4XView. I would also like to use the same image in another B4XView. How can I transfer the image so I don't have to download it twice? Thanks
  16. M

    Android Question Insert bitmap in a button that have colordrawable

    Hi everyone, I've a round button (with border), but i want to insert a bitmap into too. i'm trying to achieve the same effect i've done in my iOS app. It's possibile to this thing? Thanks in advance!
  17. M

    Android Question SVG in button

    hi, i wanted to know if there is a way to put an svg as image in a button (int the bitmap properity) Thanks in advance!
  18. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question Write image data from buffer to a bitmap

    My question is how to write image data held in a buffer to a bitmap for subsequent display in imageview or further manipulation? With reference to the library I'm working on in this post, I am successfully capturing video frames sent via NDI with the data of each frame stored in a ByteBuffer...
  19. MitchBu

    Android Question Bitmaps less bulky for printing purposes ?

    I am still struggling with printing. PDF printing creates random errors, so I am exploring bitmap printing. But to get to 300 dpi requires a picture 2550x3300 for a letter size printing. As a result, the resulting default bitmap format chokes the printer. Would it be possible to use a less...
  20. Jeffrey Cameron

    Android Code Snippet Draw Bitmap Rotated From Upper-left Corner

    I needed to draw a bitmap rotated from the upper-left corner, not the center of the image as the canvas DrawBitmapRotated function does. After looking up the math and coding this again for the I-don't-know-how-many time, I decided to post it here so I could find it quickly in the future, or...