1. Sandman

    Wish: Ability to limit search results to bookmarked posts

    It's fairly common for me to see a post containing some nugget making me think "oh, that's clever, better make a bookmark of it so I can use it in the future!". Over time I have accumulated a huge amount of such nuggets, which I'm very glad for. However, it turns out that it's surprisingly...
  2. palpedrinha

    Wish View (... or not!) color indicators (warnings, errors, ..)

    Hi All, This is a feature request that I think that would be very usefull for all. I hoppe :) The ideia is to allow the user to decide wish color indicators that will be available in the scroll bar of code area. For a better understanding of the request I made some printout (worked image)...
  3. JohnC

    Wish Please add a "Bookmarks" tab

    I often need to jump between a few places in my code that are NOT in the same module. The current way bookmarks are implemented in B4A's IDE makes it impossible for me to do this quickly. Some users suggested creating remarked keywords such as 'FixUI and place these in the spots of my code that...