Wish: Ability to limit search results to bookmarked posts


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It's fairly common for me to see a post containing some nugget making me think "oh, that's clever, better make a bookmark of it so I can use it in the future!".

Over time I have accumulated a huge amount of such nuggets, which I'm very glad for. However, it turns out that it's surprisingly difficult for me to find the right nugget in my bookmarks when I go look for it. To find the right content, I've forced myself to manually open each bookmark list page (example) and then manually open all candidate bookmarks and then manually read through them looking for the relevant posts. Needless to say this is a thankless task that drains my will to live.

So I have come up with a wish to solve this. Considering that fact that @Erel has modified the search engine somehow (I don't really know if this wish intersects with any custom code, but I'm making a guess it is), perhaps it would be possible to add a checkbox to the search page? This search box would do a simple (queue Erels eyes rolling :) ) join with the bookmark table for the active user - and presto, we'd limit the search results to the bookmarks.

I've produced a detailed mockup of what this could look like, at considerable cost and time:


(Bookmark tags aren't a help here, it's the actual content of the bookmark/thread title that's relevant for me.)