1. karim22

    Android Question How does Android interact with hardware to send SMS messages over the RF chip?

    I was trying to understand how Android interacts with hardware to send SMS messages over the RF chip, but I was facing difficulties in understanding the relationship between kernel, software, hardware, operating system, Android Java files, boot image, system image, as well as how to create them...
  2. rleiman

    Android Question "#StartAtBoot: true" will not start at boot any more with the 1-Dec-2020 Android 10 update

    I noticed that starting from the 1-Dec-2020 Android 10 update, service modules that have "#StartAtBoot: true" will not start at boot any more. This was working on my phone when the 1-Nov-2020 Android 10 update was installed. People now are starting to complain my apps are not starting up when...
  3. Alessandro71

    Android Question StartAtBoot initialization sequence

    I have a service (not the Starter service) set to #Region Service Attributes #StartAtBoot: True #End Region In Service_Start I need to access some globals that are initialized in the Starter Service. Can I assume that the Starter Service is always started first than a service that is set...
  4. Sandman

    Android Code Snippet How to determine what started a Service

    As far as I can tell, there are three different reasons a service was started: Manually started using StartService Scheduled start using StartServiceAt or StartServiceAtExact Automatically started at boot using #StartAtBoot I recently found myself needing to know why a service was started, so...