1. rleiman

    Android Question "#StartAtBoot: true" will not start at boot any more with the 1-Dec-2020 Android 10 update

    I noticed that starting from the 1-Dec-2020 Android 10 update, service modules that have "#StartAtBoot: true" will not start at boot any more. This was working on my phone when the 1-Nov-2020 Android 10 update was installed. People now are starting to complain my apps are not starting up when...
  2. Alessandro71

    Android Question StartAtBoot initialization sequence

    I have a service (not the Starter service) set to #Region Service Attributes #StartAtBoot: True #End Region In Service_Start I need to access some globals that are initialized in the Starter Service. Can I assume that the Starter Service is always started first than a service that is set...
  3. Sandman

    Android Code Snippet How to determine what started a Service

    As far as I can tell, there are three different reasons a service was started: Manually started using StartService Scheduled start using StartServiceAt or StartServiceAtExact Automatically started at boot using #StartAtBoot I recently found myself needing to know why a service was started, so...