1. D

    Android Question Scrolling BreadCrumb

    I am finding that my breadcrumbs are becoming too large to fit on the screen. I would like to make the breadcrumb horizontally scrollable using CustomListView but am stumped. Can someone please guide me? Here is my current unsuccessful attempt...
  2. epiCode

    B4A Class [B4X] [Class] TextCrumbs v1 (BreadCrumbs using CharSequence)

    This class helps you create a simple Clickable Text Based Bread Crumbs Feature which supports CharSequence too. Usage is very simple. Create a list which has individual items to be shown as bread crumbs. This can be text / charSequence or mix of both. Initialize TextCrumbs and pass this list...
  3. D

    Android Question Breadcrumbs Control

    I an trying to create a breadcrumbs control like this: I see there is no standard way to do this in B4A, so I presume I need to write it myself. My question is, how do you create the irregular shaped chevrons without resorting to images. Any suggestions?